Oh no! Member Mippi just got a super-cute new pixie cut, but she tells the Problem Solved group that she has no idea how to style it. Think we can help a reader out? She says:

Two weeks ago I cut off all my hair. Chop! I love it, seriously. [The] problem is, I've had long hair for so long I don't know how to style it. I love punky, edgy, rocker-chick hair, but I also want versatility. Right now, though, all I seem capable of is looking like Sid Vicious, Sonic the Hedgehog, or my father in his high school portrait.

I've tried finding styling ideas online, but can't find too much, and what I've found are for bobs or don't seem to work for my amazingly fine-yet-copious hair. I'm this close to going to my amazing stylist and plunking down cash I don't have so she can teach me.


So, any suggestions on how to style a pixie?

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