With the breathtaking Erykah Badu in the ads (which you loved) and a devastatingly chic white opal glass bottle with 23K gold accents, Tom Ford White Patchouli ($92) certainly has the bells and whistles that make up a cult classic. But as it turns out, I would still wear this fragrance if it came in a plastic spray bottle sold on the street.

White Patchouli is characterized as a "floral-infused wood fragrance," so the patchouli is surrounded by notes of peony, rose, and jasmine. Because I wear a lot of rose (Stella by Stella McCartney also has rose and peony), something about this fragrance is familiar but still fresh. There's a sexy, musky undertone that's very Tom Ford, but also something vibrant about it. Depending how you spend your days and nights, this may be best for the p.m. hours, though it could also make for a hauntingly sexy signature scent. Of course, I can't stop smelling myself, and that's never a good office look.