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Tongue Scraper

Bellissima! TePe Tongue Detox

This new Tongue Detox Device from Tepe ($9.18) is all the rage in Europe and l've finally been able to find an online retailer that will ship it to America. When I first read about it, it reminded me a lot of the Breath Rx anti-bacterial tongue spray and tongue scraper, and as I researched it more and more, I came upon a dozen or so tongue devices created to kill bacteria and scrape away the white scummy film that causes bacteria build-up and bad breath.

Who knew this was such a diverse market? Apparently, tongue cleaning devices have been around for centuries. They help control plaque, bad breath and unwanted bacteria that can cause tooth decay and mouth and throat infections.

Tongue Detox stands apart from the crowd for several reasons. Not only is it double-sided, dishwasher safe and coated with mint to help with fresh breath, but it also comes in four bright colors, it is made from recyclable plastic, and has a slim design to help avoid the dreaded gag reflex.

Sounds to me like they've thought of everything. Are you even aware of the smell of your breath? To find out if Tongue Detox is something you should consider, lick the back of your hand, wait a few seconds and then smell your hand. If you sense any kind of an unpleasant odor, chances are you have bad breath.

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