Wow, this is a very exciting development in tweezers. The latest product from Seki Edge — a Japanese brand with a legacy involving samurai swords — this round-tipped Bikini Tweezer ($12) is right up my alley. Though it goes against a cardinal rule of skin care, I am totally guilty of picking and probing at anything ingrown. And since summer is right around the corner, I'm especially sensitive about unwanted hairs rearing their ugly heads.

In fact, when I first read about this product online, I actually did a double take in disbelief. The device has an easy, no-slip ergonomic handle that is slightly bent for comfort and precision. The tweezers are made from stainless steel, so they won't rust, and the rounded tip lets you safely remove hairs without causing injury. Sounds like the perfect addition to my summer bikini-grooming arsenal.