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The Top 10 Reasons Women Change Their Hair 2010-07-13 14:00:01

The Top 10 Reasons Women Change Their Hair

When you look back at all the different reasons why you've changed your hair over the years, what would they be? A recent study explored that burning question. Commissioned by Andrew Collinge, a two-time winner of the prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year, the study also found that the average woman changes her hairstyle a whopping 104 times in a lifetime. However, Collinge noted that these changes typically weren't all that dramatic. To find out the top 10 reasons why women switch up their coiffures, just read more.

  1. Just for a change.
  2. Out of boredom.
  3. As a confidence booster.
  4. As a result of a breakup.
  5. To reinvent oneself.
  6. To keep up with fashions and trends.
  7. They were going gray.
  8. In conjunction with a milestone birthday.
  9. Either before or after having a child.
  10. Due to their wedding.
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