It's been nearly 15 years since Topshop dabbled in the makeup biz, and now the clothing chain is back in action. Starting in May, the British retailer will be selling a range of cosmetics at its top 30 stores, its New York shop, and on its website. The line ($8—$20) will consist of color palettes inspired by Topshop clothing and accessories, along with a sheer Skin Tint and Skin Glow in lieu of foundation or powder. In addition, there will also be four to six seasonal collections throughout the year that will include a trendier, slightly more adventuresome selection. As for the packaging, it's pure Topshop all the way — bold, polka-dotted, and doodly. "It’s playful, almost like the Topshop girl drew it herself," designer Lizzie Dawson told WWD. Will you be checking it out?