OK, so this is really not the sexiest item we've found lately, but hear me out. Sometimes, function is more important than fashion, and though CVS's neck heat pack ($8-$13) won't win any design awards, it is a nice little sybaritic goody to have at home. The sturdy vinyl pack is filled with a nontoxic liquid and a small metal disc; bend the disc back and forth, and the liquid turns into a warm crystalline gel. It stays heated for about 45 minutes before hardening, at which point it can be dropped into boiling water for about 10 minutes. Then, it's ready to be used again and again. Placing the heat pack on tired shoulders is relaxing, and you can always rest it on your abdomen the next time you're ready to claw someone's eyes out due to cramps. Like I said, it isn't all razzle-dazzle, but it feels so good.