Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Vaishaly Clinic in London and having a Signature Vashaily Facial with the lovely and petite "superfacialist" Vaishaly Patel. For 60 blissfull minutes, I lay in her all-white sanctuary covered in three layers of towels and blankets while she poked, prodded and polished my skin. What made this facial different than any other I've experienced is that there was no steam involved, and instead of a using a gritty exfoliator or sticky gommage, she opted for microdermabrasion.

It was the kind where little crystals floated atop a small tube and simultaneously worked to slough off and suck away not only the top layer of dead skin on my face, but the layer below that which had been hanging out on my face all summer (giving me dull-looking skin no matter how many times I exfoliated). That little hoover sure was powerful—I opened my eyes and peeked so I could check out what was going down that tube, and it was more dead skin that I could have possibly imagined. Sorry, is that TMI?

Next she washed off the lingering crystals and applied a night cream before treating me to a deep finger facial massage. This petite little lady sure has a lot of power in her hands! I've learned that this is her secret and crucial component to great skin. Massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, and it helps products penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin.

Lastly, she applied a mask followed by a wonderful smelling day cream containing SPF 15. I took home a couple of products, so after I try them out for a little while, I'll report back to with what worked and possibly even what didn't —stay tuned! For a complete list of Vaishaly products and where to buy them,

The Vaishaly Skin Care line is quite simple yet effective. It includes a Cleansing Balm (£59), Facial Wash (£35), Night Cream (£55) and a Day Moisturiser SPF15 (£45) as well as a Night Nourisher (£65) in two variations — Dry/Sensitive and Normal/Combination to best suit your skin type.

All products are available online and can be shipped to the US for a nominal fee. Please keep in mind that prices are listed in GBP and can be converted into dollars using the current foreign exchange rate (about 2.02).