Looking fresh-faced and made-under is the look of the season. Although it appears to be effortless, there's still plenty of makeup needed to create this "naturally" gorgeous glow. The look, as seen on these models and socialites, is easy enough to create and will certainly shave minutes off of your beauty routine. Here are a few tips and product suggestions to help you achieve this look at home.

Above all, it is important to begin with a bright and flawless face. Begin by applying a brightening cream to your skin and follow with a creamy concealer and eye brightener. A gel cheek stain or creamy peach blush will add a natural and beautiful flush to your cheeks. On your eyes, you'll want to skip mascara altogether and simplify your look by curling your lashes for a wide-eyed effect. Lastly, coat your lips with a clear or tinted moisturizing lip balm. Easy, isn't it?

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