Three different ladies with three distinct styles come together with one big similarity – bowl bangs. As I type this, I'm getting flashbacks of hours spent trying for that perfect curl and, while it's a look I don't want to see staring back at me in the mirror, I appreciate their interpretations of the reappeared trend.Take Paris Hilton who (for once) shows the least dramatic variation. Her eyebrow-skimmers are slightly bumped under for a wispy curl, then tousled for less pronounced ends. Then there's Iman with even bangs slightly shorter than Paris'. The curl causes this face-framing cut to bring out her beautiful features – doesn't she look amazing at 53?! Lastly, we have Christina Aguilera whose style can be recreated with one hot curler. Her bang shape is distinct and it looks like her roller was tossed away minutes before the flash went off!

If you've got a favorite of these three, I'd love to hear it in your comments below.