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They say everything old is new again. (Does that mean the return of claw bangs? I hope not.) But when popular styles from years ago do start to resurface, it's always nice to see how it's adapted to modern times. Take Farrah Fawcett, for instance. Her feathery style was the hallmark of mid- to late-1970s beauty. Is it back in full swing? Not quite, but I'm loving this new version, which is not as much about volume as it is about soft, shiny waves that are curled away from the face. The feathery quality is still there — it's just been refined.
Farrah used to get her flippy style with the Schick Speed Styler, as evidenced by this commercial. But if you like this new take on "The Farrah," it's easy to do. After blowing out your hair, apply hairspray with a drier formulation that still provides shine, like Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Brilliant Hairspray ($13). Next, using a flat iron, wrap sections of hair around the barrel of the iron, as if you were using a curling iron. Focus on curling each section away from your face. When you're finished, you can either softly twist sections together so that they're intertwined or lightly break up the style with your fingers. Spritz again with hairspray, and you'll be far out.


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