Fab told me that hats are big these days, but I thought it would be difficult to work that look outside of a fashion show. But there they were at last night's Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party. Hilary Duff wore a floppy knit beret, Frances Bean Cobain donned a more structured hat, and web celeb Cory Kennedy channeled Isabella Blow with a netted chapeau.

Of course, certain hats go better with certain hairstyles. A beret like Hilary's is flattering on medium-to-long hair because it allows the hair to flow (it's also a fast fix when you don't feel like doing much primping). Pretty much anyone can wear a trilby, but if your hair is chin-length, pull it away from the front of your face (as Frances does) so the hat-hair combo doesn't overwhelm. Finally, there's a more formal hat, like the one Cory wears. If you choose this hat, go with an updo—the casual, flowing hair just doesn't work with such a rigid accessory.

Who do you think had the best "hat head" last night?