Beauty addicts worldwide are calling this look "Coffin Couture". Even Jemma Kidd has a makeup class called Coffin Couture Masterclass. Goth has gone from scary to super-sexy this fall, ranging from all types of blacks to plums to deep reds. The look has nothing to do with endangering your body with piercings and tattoos, though. Instead, it's all about dark colored lips, eyes and nails with a contrasting pale cheek. Here are a few products for you to check out. How does this ghost-gone-glam trend strike you?

Nars Single Eye Shadow in Night Fever ($21) is a black powder eyeshadow flecked with red pearls. The combination actually makes it a very deep, dark and powerful purple.

For two more products,

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick in Perfect Currant ($21.50) is a deep black cherry creamy color lipstick made to plump up your pout to the Bauhaus-listening extreme!

Jessica Nails Vinyl Vixen Metallic Shimmer Deep Burgundy Custom Colour Nail Polish ($6.50) is a deep wine color that borders on a maroon/red if you apply two coats. Doesn't it look just like blood?

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