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There’s a chill is in the air, and that means it’s time to embark on the oh-so-Fall task of piling on layers. Not only are layers one of the biggest trends this season, they’re also practical! From chunky knits to contrasting textures, layers always create a rich, well-developed look that will keep you cozy all season long. And this Fall, Chinese Laundry Legwear has an amazing line of items that are perfect for getting that effortlessly chic look. The new Chinese Laundry Legwear collection boasts fabulous yet totally wearable fashion legwear, all available in a vast assortment of colors and patterns. The must haves? Knee highs, over-the-knee socks, textured tights, and the new luxuriously plush fleece-lined tights.

Feeling inspired? Tell us how you would style the Chinese Laundry Legwear Fall collection, and enter for the chance to win a $500 gift card and an assortment of handpicked styles from the line.

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The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
These sox stay up really well.
Alexis613 Alexis613 5 years
LOVE!!! I'd wear with boots and a sweater dress. SO cute!!
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 5 years
CL always makes the BEST leg wear. So cute!
hugraham hugraham 5 years
I'd put mine with boots and an over-sized, chunky sweater!
i3ny i3ny 5 years
I'd wear them with jeans. Then no one would know I was wearing them except for me..! It would be my little secret...and that of whoever is so lucky to catch a glimpse of my ankle! ;)
Colleen2851796 Colleen2851796 5 years
With tall black boots
bsurber bsurber 5 years
I would wear the black polka dot with a black leather skirt, my black Tory Burch boots, ivory colored turtleneck and my black faux fur vest. I love tights!!!
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 5 years
Once upon a time, there was a young fashionista looking to update her fall wardrobe. She searched through and through. Then she came across funky, stylish, poke -a-dotted, and fashionable legwear, she asked herself, “what would I style these legwear with?” after a brief moment, she said “EVERYTHING.” She dreamed of boots with knee high socks w/short skirt, platforms with black tights and pencil skirt, leggings with socks, the possibilities were endless. Her dreams were coming true, she thought to herself this is an inexpensive way to update her fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. She asked herself, who is the mastermind behind these fashionable legwear? Unlike the young fashionista, you don’t have to look far to find the answer, it’s been there all along, the one and only Chinese Laundry legwear. Yes, Chinese Laundry legwear will dress you up or down (depending on your mood) and keep you styling all season long. So the young fashionista bought one in every color, pattern and style. She is on her way to a happy and stylish ending. The End!
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 5 years
i'd wear tall riding boots, dress shorts, glittery top with a furry vest with the knee high boots! all my favorite trends in one outfit!!
cbl10 cbl10 5 years
There is no better way to hide the fact that I haven't seen the sun in 4 months than with the flat knit sweater tights! Not only will they protect your eyes from the reflection off my shins, but they will keep me looking stylish as I transition those autumn skirts to warm winter wear.
lilredpeppermint lilredpeppermint 5 years
With boots and a cute black dress this fall/winter!
purpliosa777 purpliosa777 5 years
With a miniskirt, tank, leather jacket and over the knee boots!
janecool janecool 5 years
i love these. i can't wait to get a pair to wear with my boots for the winters in nyc.
nycitygurl nycitygurl 5 years
I agree with all the posts above!! you can never go wrong with cute patterns...especially for a cute fall look! obsessed !!!!!! Thanks popsugar for giving me such cute ideas!
Definitely with some ankle boots or heels and possibly a black skirt. It goes with anything!
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 5 years
short dress and tall boots.super cute!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
Short skirts of course.
Anjellarok Anjellarok 5 years
I love tights. Since I live where its cold, tight with everything... skirts, pants, long or short. The looks are endless.
ImJessica ImJessica 5 years
I'd wear the cable knit socks with moto boots and a knit printed skirt.
slitvack slitvack 5 years
I would wear the plaid tights with loafers & a skirt to complete the school girl look!
Sam-Gordon Sam-Gordon 5 years
With a LBD, let the legwear be the statement! :)
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 5 years
I love wearing patterned tights with shift dresses or over the knee socks with wool shorts, a cute top, and a cardigan.
grace_08 grace_08 5 years
The cable knit tights would go very well with the baby doll dresses I am fond of and chunky boots. The sock liners for rubber boots are also ingenious. I would have LOVED those (and bought several pairs) when I was living in Seattle.
hashbrowncafe hashbrowncafe 5 years
these are so much fun i love all colors and patterns to choose from i wear them and so does my teenager
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