You might have heard about Tria, the at-home laser hair removal gizmo. (More on it here if you want some background.) Since Tria offered me the chance to try it out, I thought I'd give you an update now that I've been living with it for a few weeks.

Tria is much heavier than you'd imagine — not enough to be unwieldy, but solid enough to make you realize that it's a serious piece of beauty machinery. Using it is pretty simple; after unlocking it, you just turn it on and place the laser on your skin. Tria says that you may experience discomfort with each zap, much like the snapping of a rubber band. I beg to differ. Think of a quick, short pinprick and you get the idea. The process is simple, but time-consuming in the sense that you'll need to go over each square inch of skin about 50 times. (I Tria while watching The Shield.)

So far, things are going well. Little hairs are falling out here and there, so something's definitely happening. I still have at least six more treatments, so watch this space.