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Tria Review

Tria, Take 2: I Make the Commitment

Since its March 2008 launch, the price of at-home laser hair removal system Tria has shifted from $995 to $795 to $595 — a significant (and enticing) decrease. Perhaps you caught our first review of all the pros and cons of the process, and now that the folks at Tria have sent us their new and improved model, another member of team Bella (that's me, the short-haired one), has volunteered my pale skin and dark brown-haired self to participate. Find out what I've got to say about my experiences thus far when you read more.

I'm very pale and have dark brown hair, so as you can imagine, even after I've just shaved, those telltale dark hairs lurk beneath the surface of my skin with clear visibility. Let's just say that beachtime moments have become especially dreadful for me. Tria promises that after about two treatments each month for three months, I'll see significant results, and since I don't always feel so sure when I raise my hand in tank tops, I'm totally on-board with this hair-zapping system. I first received the new and improved Tria, which now features five, as opposed to three, energy settings, along with some upgraded software, back in November. I've got to admit my excitement got the best of me at first, and through the novelty of it all, I Tria-ed myself like mad.

Since then, I haven't completely devoted myself to the hair zapper since it's a very time-intensive process, but now, I'm back on with a full-force New Year's resolution-style commitment. I'm planning on focusing on my bikini line and underarms, but before I begin, I want to know: what questions and concerns might you have about this hair removal device?

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tiffanycruz9 tiffanycruz9 7 years
Do you think the Tria is better than NoNo?? Results-wise?
soapybub soapybub 7 years
I just had my first laser treatment for my bikini line and underarms at a spa, and wow, Bella, I have to hand it to you for being able to zap yourself. I didn't use the numbing cream or anything (ran out of time to get the prescription before the appointment) and although I could handle the pain while someone else is doing it, I could never dish it out to myself! Good luck! Hopefully our efforts in the end are worth it!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Not sure about the Netherlands. Sourcherries, yes, $1k would get you laser hair removal, but not for all parts of your body. If you want a tiny bit of hair removed, like just the underarms, it may be more economical to get it done at a medspa. If you want to do underarms, legs, and more, Tria would wind up being more affordable in the long run.
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
Wouldn't a $1,000 get you laser hair removal done by a pro?
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Hi all! I am glad to see you have so many questions. Here are some of my answers below: — First off, I won't lie. Each hair zap does sting. Basically, you do need to feel more than just mild or moderate discomfort to know it's working. However, I have found that with each treatment, the pain is more tolerable. — As far as numbing cream goes, I called Tria to get their official answer. While they recommend that you don't apply any lotions or creams beforehand, you can try numbing the area with ice first, allowing it to dry before using Tria. — Unfortunately, the Tria does not work on naturally blond, red, gray, or white hair. — As far as the results go, I will give my final pros and cons in about seven months. According to Tria's website, you'll see faster results if you do the treatment two times a month for three months. Then, you'll still need to do one treatment a month for another four-to-five months for complete removal. — Concerning how long it takes, you'll probably have to do about 25 "swipes" per square inch each time you use it, so you might have to set aside anywhere from 45 minutes or more, depending on where you are using it. Thanks for your questions! Keep them coming.
Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 7 years
I think we all want to know the same things: Will it effectively reduce or eliminate thicker/coarser hair, is the pain worth the process? My leg hair is thick and coarse and I have the same problem as this team Bella member so I will definitely be watching for the future posts.
zeze zeze 7 years
It hurts! I've got a low to average tolerance for pain and I think it hurts a good amount, tolerable, but definitely not comfortable. The problem is that it hurts the same every time it zaps, unlike waxing where the area goes numb after a while and its not done in big chunks either. Also, from my experience, if you have it on a setting where is doesn't hurt, it won't work. It has to hurt and make you almost want to quit/cry/both in order for you to see a difference by the next time. Bella or anyone else, what is a good numbing cream I could use with this and that is available at most stores?
esweet esweet 7 years
Same question - I've had laser at a salon with numbing cream (plus ice!) -- how much does this hurt without the cream?
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