Since its March 2008 launch, the price of at-home laser hair removal system Tria has shifted from $995 to $795 to $595 — a significant (and enticing) decrease. Perhaps you caught our first review of all the pros and cons of the process, and now that the folks at Tria have sent us their new and improved model, another member of team Bella (that's me, the short-haired one), has volunteered my pale skin and dark brown-haired self to participate. Find out what I've got to say about my experiences thus far when you read more.

I'm very pale and have dark brown hair, so as you can imagine, even after I've just shaved, those telltale dark hairs lurk beneath the surface of my skin with clear visibility. Let's just say that beachtime moments have become especially dreadful for me. Tria promises that after about two treatments each month for three months, I'll see significant results, and since I don't always feel so sure when I raise my hand in tank tops, I'm totally on-board with this hair-zapping system. I first received the new and improved Tria, which now features five, as opposed to three, energy settings, along with some upgraded software, back in November. I've got to admit my excitement got the best of me at first, and through the novelty of it all, I Tria-ed myself like mad.

Since then, I haven't completely devoted myself to the hair zapper since it's a very time-intensive process, but now, I'm back on with a full-force New Year's resolution-style commitment. I'm planning on focusing on my bikini line and underarms, but before I begin, I want to know: what questions and concerns might you have about this hair removal device?

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