Vampire fevah is going nowhere, and if you don't like that, too bloody bad. Hot on the heels of this amazing Buffy-meets-Edward video mashup comes the news that Twilight may be landing at a cosmetics counter near you. Grazia reports that DuWop, the makeup sponsor of New Moon, is set to reveal a line of vamp-themed cosmetics. Central to the collection is a variation on the company's famous Lip Venom lip plumper. Apparently, one-half of the plumper will be tinted red (to look like blood, natch). Applying it could mean that your lips will be almost the same shade as Robert Pattinson's — a move sure to send Twihards squealing. If you just can't wait until autumn to Forks-ify your lips, check out these makeup secrets from the set.

Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment