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mcullenvamp mcullenvamp 5 years
So just thought I'd add.. this is me.  The Cullen crest was not done when I submitted this pic and unfortunately the artist that I had been going to for quite a while failed miserably with the tattoo.  I have since had it fixed by another much more talented tattooist.  It looks far better.  I don't regret my twilight tattoos, as I have collected many tattoos over the years marking interests, happiness, and sadness that I've encountered.  My only regret is that I had initially gone with a better artist for the crest.  Okay, thanks all!
Ladyseven Ladyseven 7 years
I can't wait until those become laser-removal scars.
hjcseven hjcseven 7 years
i have two tattoos, and i love them. i'm not hating tattoos at all. also, i totally understand that it's their own bodies, and if they feel that strongly about twilight, awesome for them. however, i agree that these are a bit ridiculous. to each their own, of course, but you can't expect to have something like that and not be judged. my tattoos are small, not easily visible, and extremely meaningful to me- and i still know that people who do catch a glimpse of them probably make some sort of judgement. and i'm fine with that. just don't expect to post it online and not be prepared for people's reactions. also, i feel like a lot of the "deeper meanings" for these tattoos were kind of BS. it seemed like the main reason was the obsession with twilight and then they kind of convinced themselves it also meant something more important. no one is going to look at that and say "wow, that's really deep, what does it mean?". they'll immediately recognize it as twilight and probably never bother to ask if there was anything else behind it. that's like getting a nike symbol tattoo because once you almost got mugged but you ran away and those were the sneakers you were wearing. (okay maybe that's kind of a stretch but i'm sure you all see where i'm going with this). my sister has 6 tattoos, most of them meaningful (some not so much...), and even she warned me that you should SERIOUSLY THINK about what you get done for AT LEAST a year before. what i did was draw what i wanted with permanent marker and if i was okay with it being on for a year (touching it up of course) then i would get it done. i think with tattoos, that's a good way to go. basically the extreme views on this thread is what's pissing people off. take it easy. are these kind of stupid? yes. do you have to personally attack them, or make ignorant assumptions about all tattoos in general? nope. there's a middle ground, use it. by the way, if someone told me they didn't want their kids to play with mine because i have tattoos- even though they are respectable and classy- i would have to try extremely hard not to punch them in the face. that comment was even worse than these insane tattoos.
HisBrandOfHeroin HisBrandOfHeroin 8 years
i have 2 Twilight tattoos, and I will be going for more in october! AND its a Twilight tattoo sleeve that i am working on!
Mrs-Carlisle Mrs-Carlisle 8 years
How can i add my twilight fan tattoo?
EdWaRdS-LaMb17 EdWaRdS-LaMb17 8 years
i agree wit comments 101 and 102. be safe is a perfectly good choice for a twilight tattoo. i have read all the books and love them. so i think its ok 2 get a twilight tattoo. a lot on that slideshow were too much. like no way. but some were reasonable and good. i love tht quote "be safe". good choice.
chriona chriona 8 years
tsk tsk.. this is so sad.. you know's their choice.their life. why do you have to judge that? just let them be.
twilighter13 twilighter13 8 years
OMG I am that obsessed, I so want one
twilighter13 twilighter13 8 years
That is so cool.I want to get one
GypsyRayne GypsyRayne 8 years
Staple Salad: Maybe you should look up your lore just a little bit better! And while your at it -look up more information on Vampyrism period. I'm not going to go on a tangent but if you want to know more please get ahold of me. This is not the place for me to lecture anyone on Vampyrism. ~Gypsy~
staple-salad staple-salad 8 years
@80 (again): As for vampires: Would you take a four-legged animal, make it toothless, a vegetarian, give it small beady eyes, love cats and hate gerbils, be fiercely independent and slap horns on it and call it a "dog"? Would you take a living person, keep them alive, make them super pretty and intelligent, make them want to eat chicken brains, and call them a zombie (a zombie as in what you'd see in movies, not ones created through things like voodoo)? Would you take a donkey, put two horns on it's head, make it vicious and bleed fire, and call it a unicorn? No. Because you change so much about the lore, the name no longer applies. A "vampire" as it is in it's lore: 1. Requires the blood of the living (humans) to survive. 2. Traditionally bites the neck (I assume this comes from the sex appeal of vampires, plus the main artery, and there's some context about sucking the soul out through the neck). 3. Sunlight either weakens or kills. 4. Can only be killed in specific ways, usually involving a stake through the heart. ALL of these are changed in the Twilight "vampires". They ARE NOT VAMPIRES because they do NOT fit the definition of vampire. Give them another name, and it's fine and dandy, call them that which they are not, and you have a lore problem.
staple-salad staple-salad 8 years
@80 Yes, most of them are obnoxious, and most of them are visible. The wrist and arm ones are hard to cover, as is the neck one. The ones that can be covered, the back ones are highly visible, and the one on the ankle is the least conspicuous, but is high enough up that it'd be difficult to cover with a sock... only pants. As for fans, I don't know the ages of half the fans I know. But I do know that they ARE obnoxious, and I know I've come across fans upwards of 40 who think that they are the OMG NEXT PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! I've also seen what happens to people when they read the books... my roommate started out last year as a level-headed girl. By the end of the year she'd read all the Twilight books and was insisting that they were great works of literature, and practically saying they belonged on the shelf next to the classics. Of course, not ALL people who like Twilight are like this, one of my friends likes the book, but will admit that they are terrible, but a fun story to enjoy... not as literature, but as something fun to read. However, I'm betting anyone who wants to get a huge fantat stuck under their skin FOREVER is not that sort of fan. And there are a lot of novels I've liked in my life, spanning many genres. Dragon's Milk, The Unicorn Chronicles, A Girl Named Disaster, Fahrenheit 451. While I'm sure I'd like 451 if I re-read it, I know if I re-read The Unicorn Chronicles again, I'd probably think they are stupid, potentially the same for Dragon's Milk, and I doubt I'd be just as enthralled by A Girl Named Disaster. I read all those books within the last 10 years too... and I've read Harry Potter in those 10 years as well. 5 years, when thinking of a lifespan, isn't that long. And I doubt all the people with tattoos read the book the day it came out as well, so I'm giving them, on average, less then 5 years of fandom. Which is an incredibly short time. Within the last 5 years, my favorite music went from showtunes and pop to metal and heavy rock, I went from avoiding scary movies to enjoying them, I went from being afraid of FPS games, to happily playing them, I went from being a goody-two-shoes to a tattooed and pierced swearing adult... and that's just how much MY life has changed in the last 5 years, I'm betting most people's will change about that much if they are near my age, or a similar, but less, amount for those who were 30+-35+ in the last 5 years. And in case you're wondering, I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I've read the books countless times, you can barely hold my copy of the first book it's falling apart from being read so much, I was the founder/president of the fan club at my school, and it's all I talked about. My fandom has diminished in the last couple years, especially after I read the 7th book, and I'm sure this phenomenon happens with most fad-fandoms, like Harry Potter and Twilight.
eveday eveday 8 years
Wow, just wow!...
Veggieman Veggieman 8 years
I just want to say tattoos are awesome no matter what you get. I really do not want the same tattoo as anyone else. Everyone finds their soul in different things. In life there are many types of people. 1) people who love tats and use them to express everything about themselves, 2) people who absolutely hate tats and everyone who has them , 3) people who have the opinion live and let live. If its what speaks to you go for it and 4) people who say they into tats but judge others for their choices. I have a tat that I got in honor of my mother and her battle with breast cancer. I have one that is in honor of my living sister and in memory of her twin that died. Both of my tattoos have personal, positive and negative feelings because cancer plays a huge part in my life and many others that my next tattoo had to be something that right now at this point in my life spoke to me and it is fun. It is a combo of world of warcraft and metal music. I love all of my tattoos and proud of everyone of them they speak to who I am right now. As I grow older I will change my mind on what is important to me and I will get that tattooed on my body and when I die my body will tell the story of who I was my entire life and it will mean something to those who love me and that is all that matters to me. You live life once enjoy it the way you want. Do not worry or care what anyone else thinks. I get my tats for me and me only and I have no regrets about them. The things I regret most in life are things that are more damaging than any tattoo could ever be. Sorry this so long but I could help it I have a passion for tattoos.
Angela123 Angela123 8 years
I kind of LOVE the Be Safe one!! Like, I want it. Because I love Twilight, and it's so beautiful and meaningful a sentiment. I very highly doubt I'd ever get it, but I like it.
GypsyRayne GypsyRayne 8 years
Wow. Seriously. This is the very first thing I ever came across on this site. And I gotta say...just wow. I have never come across so many close-minded people before. You wouldn't let your kids play with someones children if that someone has tattoo's. Did I read that correctly? I should let you know - I'm a mother of two kids, I have a steady job and provided for my family all on my own. I participate in community based projects that reach out towards the artistic/music community. I run two highly successfull websites and also do public relations, with real people *gasp* every day. You should also know I have seven tat's. That's right, seven. One of which is right smack dab on my chest. I have NEVER, not even ONCE had anyone doubt by professional skills due to my tattoo's. I have NEVER, again not even ONCE, had someone refuse to let our children play together because of my tat's. I do see the point of most people posting on here -the tattoo's shown here are (sad to say and with no offense whatsoever intended) just bad work. The ones that are blatantly obvious are the worst. And yes, you'll say that you can wear long sleeves to cover them up. How are you going to feel working in a kitchen with two ovens running in the middle of the summertime having to wear long sleeves? How are you going to feel when you need to go to an event, such as a wedding or maybe a funeral, and have to wear something long sleeved to cover your tat? Maybe a little more thought should be put into the placement of the tat, over what the tat should be. As far as the cover-up for tattoos - have you looked at those prices! Whatever the tattoo - that's your own personal choice. I have a moon with four different colored stars under my right ear. To me that tat is the representation of the start of my meduim training. I would never expect any one else to approve or deny of it. It's mine. Why does it matter to you. I work, as I said, with the public. I get comments on my tattoo's all the time. Nice, positive, upbeat comments. I'm sure some people do not like them but they are at least respectfull about it. Why don't some of you take a lesson from that? ~Gypsy~
emilyaline emilyaline 8 years
why does everyone care so much what people you don't even know are tattooing on themselves?
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