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Twilight Tattoos Picture Gallery

Twilight Fans Get Inked

At least every other week, I check in with BuzzSugar to see if she's passed my phone number along to Robert Pattinson. After all, she did interview him in person, and, well, I'm sure he wanted to ask her how he could get in touch with me, but he didn't want to come on too strong and scare me off. Yeah, that's it. I could see how he might be intimidated by my wit and charm.

I'm not a Twihard — my Pattinson crush only developed when he talked about Godard — which is why you'll never see me with a tattoo based on the suck-y saga. Not so for these Twihards, who have made permanent declarations of their fandom. That's dedication. Anyway, while you check out the gallery, I will wait right here for that inevitable phone call.

kjjbfiles kjjbfiles 7 years
oh dear god
ramos816 ramos816 7 years
Yeah, this is taking it to a whole different level. Pass! Next....
HisBrandOfHeroin HisBrandOfHeroin 8 years
I am not going to get into it with a lot of it, because I have heard it all before. But I am one of these twilight people. my tattoos are not here on this site, but I have 2 Twilight themed tattoos, and I have another session with my tattoo artist next month for more. go ahead and say what you want, but I am actually working on a Twilight tattoo sleeve. I am not a teenager i am an adult with a husband and a child. of course none of you understand what we choose to put on our bodies, and we dont know why you get what you do, and honestly no one really cares. Let see all of your tattoos so we can put you down about yours, and see how that makes you feel. so what if twilight is "in" its dedication it was we other "Twilighters" feel passionate about. you dont like our tattoos then dont look, and keep your mouths shut if you see us on the street, or most likely you will get an ear full, and i bet that you are all talk here or any other site, but see us in person and i bet you wont dare say a word. I know I came off as a total b*tch, but oh well. It gets old hearing people saying to people like me that we are stupid, or lame, or pathatic. Boo Hoo we dont care it doesnt hurt, but get over yourselves and get a life. Thank you for letting me share.
buffybot buffybot 8 years
Thank you Krissy. I think yours is one of the smartest responses I've seen here.
IrishCharm IrishCharm 8 years
ok, so as someone with a tattoo that means a lot to me, I'm not going to mock what other people believe is important enough to put on their body for the rest of their life (or until you get it removed, whichever comes first) but I definitely thought long and hard about where my tattoo was going to go, how big it was going to be and how that would affect me at various points in my life, wedding dress, bathing suit, etc. I do wonder if one day some of these people, particularly the younger ones, are going to question the wisdom of having Kristin and Rob's faces dominating their entire arm, or the cullen crest going down their leg. To me it's less about what the tattoo means to you or where your inspiration comes from, but about maybe not respecting your body enough to really think through the consequences of this huge (literally, for some of those tats) decision.
zoorph zoorph 8 years
Some of the tattoos are really beautiful, but feel that this level of attachment (and yours too, Buffybot) is excessive. I get that you FEEEEL it, really. But c'mon.
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