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Is the UBS Dress Code Fair? 2010-12-15 13:00:53

Is the UBS Dress Code Fair?

Swiss bank UBS is making the news because its rather conservative dress code just got released. Women are told that "light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick . . . will enhance your personality," and there are also proscriptions against nail art, black nail polish, and letting your roots grow out.

Though some of the advice is a little much, more of it seems like well-meaning — if rather old-fashioned — guidelines for bankers. For instance: "A good hairstyle is essential in pleasing others as well as yourself, and also contributes in a definitive way to your well-being." UBS also recommends avoiding garlic, wearing dark suits, and wearing too much fragrance. The company says these are guidelines, not rules, but do you think they're appropriate?

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tjfranco tjfranco 6 years
Where I bank is a big deal to me. Banking institutions should ALWAYS have a look of sophistication and be neat. If I'm going to be putting my money into a bank, I'd like some reassurance that the people there are nicely dressed, in sync, and look professional. There are places that screams individuality and creativity- the bank however, does not. If the people aren't happy with this clothing etiquette, get a change of profession.
linneacs linneacs 6 years
This does not seem unreasonable. Just look at anywhere that has a uniform. A dress code is appropriate. If you work anywhere where you are involved in customer service on a personal level, there are always these suggestions about low fragrence, nice subtle makeup, good hair. It just makes sense. It makes their customer base feel comfortable, and I don't think it's too insulting or unreasonable. I've personally worked at a company that had very similar guidelines, and I never felt like they were too much or unreasonable. A guideline is also very nice to have so that its clear and that you know what you should and should not wear/do at work.
BellaH68 BellaH68 6 years
Dress codes are needed, yes, but this one is a bit outdated. No dark suits? Come on now...walk into any store, particularly at this time of year and try to find light colored suits. I love wearing makeup but dictating that women wear it is offensive if they look lovely and well presented without it. Employees in general should look well put together. Now as far as not wearing short sleeves...that absurd when the weather or office is warm. (Coming from a Floridian.) I never understood peoples hang ups on sleeve length. Bra straps should not be showing, but I see NOTHING wrong with a blouse with a short sleeve. Unfortunately, there will always be those who ruin it for the rest of us, on both sides.
KeLynns KeLynns 6 years
I like the idea of the dress code, and a lot of things don't seem out of the ordinary to me (rules on skirt length, encouraging nice hair, long socks, etc.) but some of that stuff seemed over the top - like telling the men to wear washable underwear and not letting people wear "trendy" glasses.
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
I do think that dress codes are needed in places like banks and government agencies...but I would not like one that limits my creativity with my accessories or my nails. Day to day, my make-up tends to be very natural, but my nail colors are what traditional people would call "wacky" (varying hues of green, blue and purple. No nail art, really). I like being able to wear a turquoise necklace or a multicolored bracelet or whichever accessory I feel like wearing--not just my wristwatch, even though I wear one every day. 43-pages determining the dress code is 42 pages too many, honestly.
Rosay77 Rosay77 6 years
I agree with Marian in that more dress codes are needed. The bank's dress code makes sense and works for a customer-service oriented business. Today, the dress codes are very loose or non-existent. People in today's workforce are too casually dressed and look like they just woke up or just came from a nightclub. I personally love the idea of dress codes as it creates a professional work environment.
Marian55 Marian55 6 years
I wish more companies had dress codes. People look sloppy these days. I'm an "older" woman and I can remember when I began working, at 17, as a salesperson, we had to wear stockings. Our arms had to be short sleeves! Dresses or skirts had to be knee length. People took more pride in their appearance and looked more professional in the workplace.
kohina kohina 6 years
You know what? Compared to the other problems swiss banks are having (I know the US is working with the swiss government to help tax evaders now which means swiss banks have lost tons of customers and money). There are way more important aspects of this story then the dress code thing (which is definitely stupid but hardly newsworthy). I mean all it is a sad attempt to repair their image and regain customer trust but the damage is already done.
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