A UFO Lands in the World of Fragrance

. . . that's Unidentified Fragrance Objects, in case you were wondering. Known for its distinctive, modern bottles and contemporary take on fragrances, Kenzo recently commissioned designer Ron Arad to fabricate the bottle concept for its limited-edition Unidentified Fragrance Object Eau de Parfum ($188).

This is no ordinary fragrance. At its heart lies a marble (!) accord with four natural notes: orange blossom and Bulgarian rose for feminine touches, frankincense to intensify the marble, and vanilla to lend a sensual tone.

A metal alloy called Zamac makes up its outer shell, and an internal spray mechanism lies within. Only 1,000 units are available for purchase, and from now until Oct. 19, the bottle will be on display at the Museum of Modern Art as part of a retrospective of Arad's works. Will you get carried away?

I just saw his No Discipline piece at the MoMA, I really liked it. This is pretty interesting.
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