You can get just about anything out of a vending machine these days. There's iPods, selections of DVDs, and even hot dogs (ick). I've seen my fair share of beauty vending machines throughout the past few years, but a new type of automated shopping is about to class things up with U*tique Shop, the a luxury beauty product machine that recently hit the market.

While the company has plans to launch the upscale shopping device worldwide, they've just unveiled the first one at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Playing up the interactive factor of a touch-screen surface sans salesperson, the colorful machine uses a lighted display to appeal to your inner geek girl. Among some of the 50 frequently changing spots in the machine's cubby holes are Bliss, Lancome, Bliss, Chantecaille, C.O. Bigelow, Lancaster, ZIRH, Lipstick Queen, and Zelens. Are you dazzled or indifferent?

Photo courtesy of U*tique