Uma Thurman is having a litigious year. It wasn't long ago that her stalker fan was found guilty, but now she's suing Lancôme — to the tune of $20,000,000.

Uma's beef? As a former Lancôme spokesmodel, she complains that the French brand continued to use her likeness to sell products even after her contract had expired. For instance, Thurman's image showed up on Canadian billboards and Asian web sites after the contract expired. Lancôme, who filed suit against Uma earlier this week to beat her to the legal punch, claims that those were accidents. "The use of Ms. Thurman's image after her contract expired, however minor, was neither deliberate nor intentional," a spokeswoman said.

Uma is asking for at least $5 million for four separate claims, which could net her $20 million. Now, I'm no Matlock, but I think someone is asking for a pretty big payday, especially considering she was likely paid a few million dollars for her endorsement in the first place. Whose side are you on, Uma's or Lancôme's?