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Urban Decay XX Vault Eye Shadow and Eyeliner Set Review

Exclusive! Urban Decay Revives Vintage Eye Colors For Blockbuster Vault

Urban Decay XX Vault Eye Shadow and Eyeliner Set Review

As a makeup fanatic, I love, respect, and hoard many products by a wide assortment of brands. But I will forever have a special place in my heart for Urban Decay. You see, I'm an Urban Decay junkie.

That was my actual AOL Instant Messenger screen name in middle school, when my passion for this iconic company began. My obsession started with Lip Gunk, its now-discontinued line of glosses that were each infused with a different delectable scent. I collected every Face Case, a slim palette that held shadows, lip colors, and blush, and kept them in pristine condition for months after purchasing because they were too pretty to use. I even trolled eBay for limited-edition colors and subway-token-inspired packaging from the brand's debut collection in 1996. And I still have every single one of those cult-classic products.

Before you think I'm gross and unhygienic, hear me out. For the most part, I don't use any of these items anymore (though I did apply my vintage Gash lipstick from its bullet shell casing tube for a recent Urban Decay party). They remain unused in a special section of my beauty collection, acting as a personal, amateurish museum for the brand's past. But it seems that brand founder Wende Zomnir and her team of glamorous geniuses have heard the tiny whispers from my soul, which were begging for shade resurrections that I could use without disturbing my historic collection.

In honor of the brand's 20th anniversary, Urban Decay is bringing back some of its most iconic shades. It started with the UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Eye Shadow Palette ($56), and now the company is launching a special new set of shadows and liners — the UD XX Vault: 20 Years of Beauty With an Edge.

It's about the size of a pizza box, but in my opinion, the contents are much more mouthwatering than a large margherita pie: a veritable treasure chest of 20 shadows and 20 liners, including new, existing, and revived vintage colors. Two of my all-time favorite 24/7 liner pencils — Lucky, a glitter-flecked bronze, and Crash, a chocolaty plum — are making a comeback. The ultimate '90s browbone highlight shadow, Roadstripe (a shimmery white with a blue flash), is also returning to my stash.

Aside from being the ultimate collector's item, the UD XX Vault is perfect for newbies, too. From sultry smoky shades and daytime neutrals to bright yet wearable hues, this set includes every shadow and liner a budding beauty addict could possibly need to start really building their collection.

The vault is now available for purchase on Urban Decay's website for $375. While you may think that's pricey, keep in mind that buying all these shades individually (which is virtually impossible, as some of them no longer exist outside of this kit!) would set you back $780. And for true junkies like myself, that's a small price to pay for a piece of beauty history. Read on to see the vault in its entirety, including swatches of each shade.

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