Every beauty addict I know is in constant pursuit of the perfect mascara, and TeamSugar user Asco00 has found hers in Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara. She recently wrote a glowing review in the Beauty Product Junkies group, so I wanted to publish her praises for all of you mascara junkies to see. (Write your own reviews in the group, and I might post yours on BellaSugar too!) Here's what Asco00 had to say:

Words can not express how much I love this mascara. But I'll try! After doing a little research and wandering around Ulta quite a bit, I decided on the Big Fatty Mascara by Urban Decay ($18). While asking a one of the girls there about another product I was buying, she mentioned that this was the mascara she wore. She made the suggestion to bend the wand slightly, and that was definitely a good call.

For the rest of Asco00's review,

The wand is huge! (So you can see how large the brush is, I took a photo next to my old mascara.) But the moment I brushed it across my eyelashes, I could see why. It touched every lash all the way across, and it was soft and just coated my lashes. Now, I probably don't wear as much as some people, but I would say it would definitely layer nicely if you were looking for a heavy mascara look. Also, the mascara came off in a snap. No problems at all!

This is definitely the most I have ever spent on one mascara, but it is well worth the money as far as I am concerned.