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User Review: Jennifer76 on Revlon's Makeup Eraser Pen

User Review: Jennifer76 on Revlon's Makeup Eraser Pen

Today's user review comes from Jennifer76, who recently declared her love for the Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen ($7.99) in the Beauty Product Junkies group. (Write your own reviews in the group, and I might post yours on BellaSugar too!) Here's what Jennifer76 had to say:

This is one of those products that once you have it, you wonder how the heck you survived without it. The tip is solid — kinda like ceramic or something — and somehow it dispenses just exactly the right tiny little amount of makeup remover. It's like magic.

It's much easier to aim than a Q-tip — plus no straggly cotton filaments left behind! It's totally perfect for fixing any hiccups in your liquid-liner line, making quick work of any mascara spots, or even cleaning up any end-of-day raccoon issues.

For the rest of her review,

It really is pretty greaseless. I've been able to brush new shadow or what-have-you right over the area where I just used the pen without any issues. You do have to wipe it off on your hand (or I guess a Kleenex, but I'm worried about lintifying it) between each swipe on your skin. If not, you will deposit a small amount of whatever you just removed on the last spot. But still, I cannot recommend this little magical tool highly enough.

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