When I posted about MAC Prep & Prime, I hadn't yet tried it out. I still haven't, but after reading Trendyindc's review, I know what's next on my shopping list. Her user review makes it nearly impossible to keep from rushing out to buy it this minute. Here's her review:

As with most MAC products, you can tell the difference right away. I only had to use two tiny dabs to cover my face and got great coverage. I love that it is all one easy step (moisturizer and SPF) plus the oil control that doesn't interfere with my foundation.

I'm on my second day of using it, and for someone who lives in a humid climate, with oily skin, I now can go the whole work day without worrying about major ruboff and turning into a puddle. Great product, and I have a feeling the tube will last me through the summer!

Sounds good, yes? I want to hear about which products you love and don't love. Write your own reviews in the Beauty Product Junkies group, and I might post yours on BellaSugar too.