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Using Computers All Day May Age You Prematurely

Will Using a Computer Give You Saggy "Screen Face"?

I certainly hope not, but at least one dermatologist seems to believe that computer usage is responsible for premature aging in office workers.

Dr. Michael Prager said, "If you spend most of the time looking down [at your screen], then the neck muscles shorten and go saggy, eventually giving you a second neck." And since women in their 20s have grown up using computers so frequently, he added that "in another 10 years, they could be looking quite awful."

Prager didn't cite any studies to back up his assertions, but recommends using Botox to keep yourself looking fresh. Using scare tactics to sell women on procedures might not be the best approach, but what do you think about all this? Is this piece helpful, if misguided, or is it just an attempt to make women even more self-conscious?

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Ginger3342266 Ginger3342266 4 years
I have just spent the past year designing a website on an iMac and can absolutely tell you that the light is damaging to the skin...and to the eyes. It may sound crazy or futuristic now, but people who sit in front of iMacs or other desktops should be wearing computer glasses and some type of skin protection....I have actually been thinking about creating some type of moisturizing forehead and mouth/chin/neck protection to wear along with computer glasses......the damage to skin and eyes from computer lighting is real.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
You guys are all probably right... but I just put a book under my screen just in case....
bisou002 bisou002 6 years
Before computers were so popular, weren't people looking down at their desks/blotters/typewriters/etc. in order to get their work done all day long? I still think this is one more person schilling fear to increase use of Botox.
catherinedevlin catherinedevlin 6 years
exchequette is right. What kind of work doesn't involve mostly looking down? Astronomy, maybe? Oh, I get it - acting. We're all supposed to be fabulous celebrity actresses.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I agree with you, exchequette. Women have been looking down for various reasons since the dawn of time. This guy is full of shit.
chequettex chequettex 6 years
How about all the women in the past (decades, centuries, millenia) that have been looking down all day while doing what they do? Caring for children, tending gardens, knitting and sewing, working with other machines... I'm not saying that it's awesome that we stare at computers all day now. What I'm saying is that I smell BS. This guy's just trying to sell his product.
xoswiss xoswiss 6 years
Bisou - This article isn't THAT far off. The only nonsensical thing is attributing it to the way you're looking at the monitor. The real and scientific reason looking at computer or television screens can cause premature aging is because certain types use fluorescent back lighting which puts off ultraviolet rays, which screw up your skin. Especially if you're already highly sensitive to the sun. Newer flat panel LCDs haven't been found to emit as much UV light as the old box monitors. But I have another theory - the fluorescent tube lighting / CFL curly tubes that are so common now. They emit a ton of UV, which does damage the skin. There is also some evidence that says over exposure to UV can increase your reactions to it later in life. Fluorescent lighting is really bad for you, and it's just now being discovered. Think about where you work, shop, eat, live, and think about how frequently there is fluorescent lighting.
aprilphresh aprilphresh 6 years
If you're spending "most of the time looking down [at your screen]," you need to lower your chair. Monitors are supposed to be just at or lower than eye level.
bisou002 bisou002 6 years
Eff that guy. How much is Botox paying him to spout that nonsense?
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