On a flight a few weeks back, my mother sat next to a group of nurses going to Palm Beach for a conference. She immediately noticed that they all had perfect, matching pedicures.

"Oh, how fun," she said. "You ladies all went to the salon together?" The nurses got very excited, began giggling like schoolgirls, and then the one next to her leaned over and whispered "No, they're all fake. $5.99!" My mom then called me to ask if I'd ever used something like this. I'd seen fake toenails before — always walk past them at Rite Aid — but I'd never heard of anyone who'd used them, let alone with great results. So I did a little online hunting, and I have to say that there's quite an array of these things.

The ones the nurses were using must have been these Kiss Everlasting Glue-On Toenails ($5.99), because the price is right, but all the big brands seem to have their own, from Revlon's Perfect Pedicure ($9) fakes to Broadway Nails Fashion Divas ($6), which come in several "sassy" styles that 12 year-old me would have loved but that the thought of an adult wearing makes me vaguely afraid. What do you all think? Have any experience with these things? If you've used them, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.