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The Vajacial Is a Facial For Your Vagina/Vulva

The Vajacial Is Just What It Sounds Like

Have you ever thought, "My life would be so much better if only there were a facial for my crotch"? Me neither, but San Francisco's Stript Wax Bar is introducing the Vajacial. Suggested for women who get Brazilian waxes, the trademarked treatment aims to do for your ladybits what a facial does for your face. "We developed the Vajacial to really address and treat the key needs of anyone who gets waxed," Stript owner Katherine Goldman said in a press release. "Your 'little lady' will thank us!"

Meant to be performed a week after waxing, the 50-minute treatment ($60) involves four steps. First, skin is cleansed with an antibacterial body wash and witch hazel. Then, a papaya-based exfoliating gel goes on before the esthetician extracts ingrown hairs. After that, an anti-freckle, anti-acne, or calming mask is applied. It finishes off with an application of lightening cream. (Unless the esthetician plans to put a mask on a client's vaginal walls, shouldn't this treatment be called the Vulvacial?)

Oh, where to begin? Lots to say on this one, so read more.

I know the Vajacial is supposed to be a fun girly thing, but it is unnecessary. Ingrown hairs are annoying, yes, but a little Tend Skin can help with that. Every ob-gyn I've known has said that gentle soap and water are all you need for proper hygiene, and the vagina naturally creates its own pH balance. Plus, I'm not crazy about the idea of applying so many products. Exfoliating enzyme peels are tingly on the face, so I can only imagine how they might feel on the most sensitive skin — and there's no way a lightening cream is getting near my business.


We've seen a long, ugly history of implying that girl parts are inherently dirty or gross. (Lysol ads once encouraged women to "disinfect" their genitals.) Obviously, the Vajacial doesn't intend to create shame, but its very existence could unintentionally foment even more anxiety and insecurity around what women's nether regions "should" look like. The treatment aims to address issues like freckling or skin color variance, but here's the thing: those aren't problems. They're normal.

Look, I'm not anti-waxing as a rule; in fact, I used to get great waxes at Stript. But despite the Vajacial's frothy girliness, it doesn't sound like much fun. Instead, it seems like more grooming minutiae to obsess over, when women have more important things to do with our time, money, and bodies.

Your thoughts?

(While you're at it, check out our top five pubic-grooming offenders.)

Source: Flickr User love♡janine

biarose biarose 6 years
Obviously this would be a completely unsafe thing to do to your vulva area, but I would have thought they were talking about the mons pubis? I mean, that's where the majority of the pubic hair is, and consequently where most of the irritation and ingrowns are after waxing. I already exfoliate that area quite regularly, and apply moisturiser as I do the rest of my body. If you do wax or shave down there, but then no other maintenance beside that, it can end up a real mess.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
One how do you pronounce it and what absurd thing will folks come up with next?
ClassicalTorture ClassicalTorture 7 years
I don't find this as ridiculous as something Jennifer Love Hewitt was touting recently: the Vajazzle. (
Vsugar Vsugar 7 years
Um, but also - WHO THINKS THIS IS FUN?!??!?? Do any of YOU enjoy going to the gynecologist??? The idea of paying a stranger to clean my genitals the way we all have to clean babies who are still in diapers is really REALLY insane. This would be my personal idea of humiliating HELL.
kellichou kellichou 7 years
Agreed that an exfoliating/lightening treatment is kind of ridiculous, although special treatment for ingrown hairs could be nice for some women (I use TendSkin 2-3 times a day and still battle ingrowns from professional waxing!). FYI: the old Lysol ads (from 1920's and earlier) were actually for CONTRACEPTION, which was illegal to distribute/talk about/mention thanks to obscenity laws in the US for a looong time. They had to sell it as a "hygienic wash" to avoid prosecution.
Her-Shoe-Addiction Her-Shoe-Addiction 7 years
Great find. I doubt this will ever become mainstream though. The lysol ad is sad.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 7 years
I'm with A Rock. Antibacterials near the vagina just seem like a bad idea. The in grown hair removal seems kind of nice and so does the mask though.
mek123 mek123 7 years
I agree, a waste of money and the potential for problems is huge.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I'll just stick with my Tendskin. Only $20 and it lasts for like, two months.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Anon 7: I'm sure a lot of giggling was involved with the naming of this treatment — lots of funny puns that could come up. Like I said above, I imagine Stript's plan was probably to create something cute and girly. Love the positive intention but not crazy about the end result. The clever vagina does naturally take care of itself so it doesn't need to be "washed" by Summer's Eve or whatever, but (sorry if this wasn't clear) every gyno I've had says to use soap and water on the overall vulvar region. That's just my experience, though. Anon 4, I think some sensitivity is normal, but it shouldn't be severe. If that's the case, I'd ask your esthetician what kind of wax he or she is using. Hard wax (Stript uses this) tends to be much more comfortable and gentle on your skin than strip wax. It's the difference between "ow" and "OWWWWWWWWWW." Or you could take a break from waxing if it is a big problem — that's always an option, too. Your call. But yes, some sensitivity is normal post-wax. It should go away in a couple of days. If it doesn't, consider finding a different waxing salon or learn to like razors, lasers, or hair. :)
Ayu Ayu 7 years
There's only two people besides me allowed to touch those bodyparts - my partner and my doctor. We are amazed at how cruel some cultures can be to female genitals, but it seems we're going into same direction. I'm not saying silky smooth skin isn't nice to touch, but for me one day is not worth the hassle, let alone the cost. We probably aren't very far from days when cosmetic surgery will include skin transplantation from your arms or lower back to more hairy regions. Crazy.
A-Rock A-Rock 7 years
The author's separation of vagina and vulva brings up a very important point: antibacterials (not to mention the other products they are applying) should NEVER go ANYWHERE near your vagina unless prescribed by a health-care professional. Can you say "monster yeast infection"?
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
No, thanks. There are too many products involved. I think it would trigger an allergic reaction in me, as I'm allergic to many cosmetic products.
fishmeister23 fishmeister23 7 years
I could understand a treatment like this to treat maybe irritation or dryness or whatnot from waxing, but this sounds pretty unnecessary, and I agree with you, Bella- it's more of the "Make Your Lady Bits Look the Way They SHOULD" crap that's been thrown at us in increasing amounts over the last decade. How vain and susceptible to skewed, unrealistic media 'standards' for beauty are you that you're going to pay $60+ to have someone pluck out ingrown hairs and put skin bleach on your cooch!? If someone's really that desperate and stupid to waste $60 on that, they can give the money to me instead, I could sure as hell use it and it would be better than funding more of this garbage.
kastarte2 kastarte2 7 years
I wouldn't waste my money.
nyx1 nyx1 7 years
I think you're absolutely right! It's completely unnecessary and possibly harmful, and I think it sets another beauty standard we could do without. Women are already under so much pressure to look perfect everywhere else.
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