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You might have caught a glimpse of Vanessa Williams's sense of humor in the first installment of my interview with her, in which we discussed her use of Botox, along with her love of cars, Irish music, and baking carrot cakes.

Currently, in conjunction with the Dress For Success organization, Vanessa is making a few appearances for the Botox Cosmetic: Express Success Campaign, and in October, we'll be seeing her back on the air as the villainous Wilhelmina Slater on the much-loved Ugly Betty. And now, as promised, there's more from Vanessa after the jump.

Did you actually try that fish pedicure on Ugly Betty?
I had to! There were real fish in the scene. That’s another reason why I love our show. That’s very current, very unusual, and unique. The fact that I had fish eating dead flesh off my toes was pretty yucky.

Congratulations on your Emmy nomination. What’s going through your mind when you’re getting ready for the Emmys or a big awards show?
Well, I have four kids [three daughters and one son] and two dogs, and usually I’m getting ready at my house so there’s always a lot of activity. It’s certainly not, "Let me take a nice long bubble bath, get a massage, a facial, and I’ll prepare for my day." It's "What time is hair and makeup coming in and how can I get everything done before I have to start the process?" And meanwhile during the process, I’m on the BlackBerry and things happen. That’s what happens when you’re a working mom who’s trying to continue to multitask.


What's your latest beauty favorite?
My newest favorite is these microcurrent facials. I just did my first one last week. It’s a machine that tones your skin and metabolizes the fat, and gets rid of age spots and it’s really effective.

What do you think are some of the most unexpected things about aging?
I’m 46 now. I’m pretty active in terms of diet and exercise, but your body ages no matter how hard you work at it. I grew up in the days when we were sun worshipers. We would literally put on the baby oil on the first Spring day . . . and everyone loved to be brown. I think age damage — skin damage due to the sun — is one of the things that you have to combat . . . Also, having certain areas — love handles, bra fat, all of that stuff that you think will never happen to you, and it does and you’re doing the same workout and eating the same things, and your body still continues to change. Those are some of the things that are maddening.

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