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Vegan lip treatments

What's in Vegan Lip Balm? None of Your Beeswax. (No, Really.)

Varieties of vegetarians can be confusing to some people. Whereas many vegetarians, such as yours truly, will eat cheese and eggs, vegans don't eat any animal-based foods — that means no dairy, no honey, and no marshmallows.
Of course, vegans they also avoid beauty products made with any animal-based ingredients, and most won't use anything that's been tested on animals.

Fortunately, finding animal-friendly beauty is just as easy as cooking an amazing veggie meal. (Need proof? Check out Yum's recipes.) The really good news is that vegan products are almost always all-natural, since the synthetic ingredients in beauty products are often the ones that use animal testing in the first place.

So if you're interested in trying some vegan-friendly lip treatments, I've put together a few suggestions of lip-saving balms and pretty glosses worth checking out. Have a look!

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