Feeling concerned about your personal smell? Sorry to be so blunt, but who else can you come to for advice about your nether region? It's time to eradicate any kind of embarrassment and get to the bottom of the not-so-fresh feeling. Of course, there's nothing wrong with your natural smell—it's actually a good way to gauge the health of your ladyparts—but we all have times when we need to do a quick cleaning.

Here are two extremely gentle and discreet intimate grooming wipes that are the perfect pick-me-up for the gal on the go. I can't wait to hear your reviews, so don't be shy—we Bella gals can handle it.

Sweet Spot Wipettes are baby-soft, alcohol-free towelettes that instantly freshen up your private parts. Not only are they pH-balanced (so that you don't eventually go sour) but they are made with a blend of natural essential oils created to go along with your natural scent.

They come either in a pack of 30 for $12 or in a pack of three assorted scents for $2.95. The four different fragrances available are Citrus Galbanum, Geranium Lavender, Basil Grapefruit and Unscented.

For one more refreshing wipe

Shobha Freshening Cloths ($19) are 25 hefty-sized, individual wipes that cleanse, refresh and help banish odor from your bikini region. They are safe for everyday use and are small so that they fit neatly into your purse or travel bag. And if it's that time of the month, these can help you tidy up when you're away from home.