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The View's Hairstylist on Backstage Beauty

The View's Hairstylist Talks Fall Trends

Emmy Award-winning hairstylist and licensed makeup artist Lavette Slater has been working behind the scenes at The View for the past 10 years. Along the way, she has created stylish coiffures for not just the on-air staff but the guests as well, including Michelle Obama, Glenn Close, and Hillary Clinton. As you can imagine, Slater has some great stories to share. So to see some of her backstage beauty anecdotes, along with her Fall trends forecast, be sure to keep reading.

BellaSugar: In your 10 years on The View, what are a few of your favorite experiences and most memorable moments? (Both good and bad.)
Lavette Slater: There are so many funny and memorable moments on The View. I remember Clay Aiken coming to the show and expressing to me that his hair gets so flat on top and that he wanted height in his hair. Knowing that he didn't want his hair teased, and a simple blow-out wouldn't work without a wash, I proceeded to put rollers in the crown area of his head. He didn't mind, and somehow was the most secure and cool-looking guy wearing them, but I remember the executive producer coming in hair and makeup and saying, "What the . . . ?"

I also remember many times Kelly Osbourne has come to the show asking for different styles. On one occasion her hair was green and she wanted a '40s-inspired style. Everyone for some reason loved her hair, despite the green!

Another funny moment was The View on Oprah. Preparing for the show, I told Sherri Shepherd how I thought she should wear her hair; I suggested a very long, full hairpiece styled in a roller-set look. When I showed her, she wanted it cut shorter, [so] I cut and styled it, and for some reason the style kind of resembled Oprah's hair. I reassured her that I could fix it and change it. Show time was coming and even after all the teasing and brushing, the hair still resembled Oprah's hair. Sherri was like, "What am I going to tell her now?" So on the show she told Oprah, "This is my homage to you." And later Oprah said, "Yeah, that is my hair."

Some of the worst moments? Two words: Star Jones! And I will keep it at that.

BellaSugar: How have styles changed from then to now?
LS: The differences between styles now and then is that the hair is more relaxed, not too done, and a bit messy. But I am the wrong person to ask that because I embrace all styles that look good on the client — trend or not. If it looks good, it looks good.

BellaSugar: What do you predict will be the biggest hair and makeup trends come Fall, and what are your tips for making these looks work?
LS: The hottest trend right now with fashion is color blocking. The trend is also bright-colored nails, which I think also translates to makeup: a fresh face and clean eye with a bold-color lip. How could you go wrong? The Summer trend was tangerines and oranges, and I think that will continue, but [will] also burst into bright reds, yellows, burgundies, plums and fuchsia. Deep, smoky cat eyes are also in, with a defined liner look. Thicker eyebrows will also make its way down the runways this Fall.

As for hair, long, parted hair is in; either a part on the side or part in the middle [that's] straight or worn with long beautiful waves. I also think that coiffed, low buns are great. With all this color blocking with fashion and bold-color lips, this Fall will be about giving face.

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