Welcome back to the second installment of my series on vitamin C-enhanced beauty products. To read about a small sampling of serums on the market, click here. Today we take a closer look at a few facial moisturizing lotions that contain vitamin C to help smooth, brighten and tighten your skin!

Say goodbye to dull and blotchy skin with this new Px Prescriptives Vibrant-C Skin Brightening Cream Moisturizer ($46 ). It's a face cream that subtly lightens the skin, boosts clarity and evens out the skin tone. It also helps to diminish visible age spots (any dark spots, really). To use, just gently massage a little bit onto your face and neck.

For two more vitamin C-enhanced facial moisturizers,

Bioque C-Plus Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream ($45) contains L-ascorbic acid (yes, that's vitamin C) to help protect skin from aging while also helping collagen production. All you need is a little bit to start seeing the effects. Apply to your face and neck twice a day. It's even safe for sensitive skin, but a patch test is recommended.

Trish McEvoy Even Skin C Cream ($68) is a super-strong antioxidant-filled face lotion that makes skin look and feel smoother, younger and tighter. It has a wonderful and light citrusy smell to it—and it leaves your face glowing and less blotchy.