I spent time browsing the beauty section at a bookstore last week and I came across a diamond in the rough called Vogue Make-Up by former British Vogue beauty editor Juliet Cohen. The 2007 version has the pictured cover, but it won't be available online for a few more months, so stay tuned. It's OK, though: The 2002 version has nearly the same content and is chock full of exciting and helpful information.

The glossy pages are filled with insider tips and application techniques to help you attain various looks. Juliet recommends her favorite products and tools here and there, but more importantly, she teaches you about makeup so you can make a well-informed decision when it's time to shop. The book is broken down into ten sections: skin care, face shape, skin tone, tools of the trade, body and hair makeup, foundation, cheeks, lips, eyes and hands and feet. It opens with a little history about beauty trends throughout the decades and finishes with a directory of some of Juliet's favorite beauty stops in the UK and USA.

She goes through all of the basics along with incorporating in photos paired with step-by-step directions to make sure that you feel comfortable creating your own look at home. I sat in the bookstore for over an hour reading it, I bought it, and have since read it again. It's a resource I'll keep coming back to and it's something I would recommend to anyone interested in making the most of their makeup.