Many clothing lines eventually expand their brands into makeup and perfume, but it's unusual to see a makeup brand start designing clothes. That's what Walmart appears to be doing with Hard Candy, the beloved '90s makeup brand that it brought back to mass distribution in 2009. Walmart spokespeople won't confirm (or deny) the reports to WWD, but such an expansion would be a unique experiment in reverse engineering.

I think I'd be on board with a Benefit accessories line (charm bracelets and cute printed silk scarves, maybe?) or some hoodies and cute sneakers from DuWop, but that's because they already have cool packaging and a fashion-forward aesthetic. Hard Candy, on the other hand, was only recently resurrected, and it's not clear whether the brand image it used to have is even intact. Do you think this will work for them, and would you even like a fashion line made by your favorite makeup brand?