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Wearing Makeup to the Beach

Do You Wear Makeup to the Beach?

Reader Temple of Glam recently posed that question on the popular Beauty Product Junkies group in the BellaSugar Community. (Our answer: maybe a bit of concealer and lip tint with SPF.) So do you wear makeup to the beach? Be sure to participate in her poll below, and check out what else is going on in our community while you're at it.

Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 6 years
Love that idea, PrettyBrittani89. I saw a woman in Miami whose nail polish and lip gloss coordinated with her sundress perfectly. It was so cute, but not overdone at all!
PrettyBrittani89 PrettyBrittani89 6 years
I love matching my eyeshadow with my bathing suit. It may sound cheesy but I don't over do it. I usually use a color in my bathing suit and blend it into darker or more softer colors. I use lip balm, water-proof mascara and eyeshadow when going to the beach just to feel pretty. I love summer and colors so why not use my face to bring them together lol. And it never looks like its melting off my face!
luvlior luvlior 7 years
Mostly just SPF, but sometimes I will put some concealer on problem spots, maybe bronzer and SOMETIMES mascara but not usually. I like to swim too much to wear tons of makeup
Yekka Yekka 7 years
OK seriously,why would you wear make up to the beach? Do you want to look like you`re melting?I just don`t get it...Chopstick is OK, but anything else...I don`t think so....
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
heck no! just SPF and lip balm with SPF.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years
Bare naked. I often stay out of the sun or wear non-nano Zinc and/or Titanium Dioxide SPF (letting my legs/arms get about 5-10 minutes unprotected to get Vit.D than slather on the SPF.) Since I follow the reapplication rules of SPF, I do not wear makeup to the beach. Also I tend to find it odd to be wearing MU to locale where it will melt off of your face. The closest I get to wearing cosmetics in the sun, is a SPF tinted lip balm (Alba Organics, Burt's Bees) and "maybe" a faint dab of SPF under eye concealer (100% Pure has SPF20.) Afterwards, if going to a beachside restaurant, I would apply extra, such as tinted moisturizer, pink-peach cream blush, a sweep of champagne shadow, a swipe of (100% Pure Black Tea or Dark Chocolate) mascara and gloss (Tarte's Winnie; HoneyBee Gardens) or calendula oil/salve (by MJ Herbals) since it often gives the look of clear gloss minus the stickiness.
BrokenDirigible BrokenDirigible 7 years
I prefer to swim at the beach...and look good. Runny make-up a swimsuit model does not make....
Temple-of-Glam Temple-of-Glam 7 years
I definitely am in favor of a bare face beach look. I will say though that if i know folks will take pics, I'm on GenesisRock's team and use a couple of swipes of mascara!
Venus1 Venus1 7 years
I take my swimming far too seriously to wear make up to the beach. After the beach in the evening however is another story.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
I voted 'bare-naked' because I very rarely wear makeup in general. I once left my work keys in my makeup bag and didn't find them again for three months, that's how often I wear makeup. Luckily I had a sympathetic boss and she gave me her extra key. Though if I know someone will be taking my picture I definitely put some on. For the beach I just use some SPF 15, face and body. I have terrible vision and can't go without either glasses or contacts, so I don't swim too often because the H2O bothers my contacts (swimming w/ glasses = impossible). I prefer to catch some rays while my little one plays in the water.
InternGal InternGal 7 years
Mascara + lipstain + SPF containing lipbalm I use a parasol and wear SPF 110 (Neutrogena brand) because I have PMLE (Polymorphous light eruption) and am prone to photodermatitis. I try and stay away from the sun as much as possible.
vanilla19 vanilla19 7 years
mascara, tinted moisturizer, powder, chapstick
jocupcake jocupcake 7 years
jocupcake jocupcake 7 years
I wear chapstick (w/ spf) and lots of sunscreen. I'm also on a medication that reacts badly with sun exposure so I have to be extra careful. I HATE just sitting around in the sun on the beach so I tend to be in the water most of the time, in which case it's pointless to wear makeup since I'm a spash-fight starter :)
Florida-Snow Florida-Snow 7 years
I wear a little waterproof mascara and vats of sunblock.
catita85 catita85 7 years
What the hell? I only wear 30+ sunscreen and a hat. But makeup to the beach? Never,
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
A swipe of mascara since someone always insists on bringing a camera and posting the picks online. Never enough to interfere with my fun in the ocean :)
Merlin713 Merlin713 7 years
I don't go to the beach anymore. I stay out of the sun.. Sun + the prescription I take = bad news! It really sucks, but I want to be healthy.
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
i only wear makeup to the beach if i'm going somewhere right afterward. for your typical day at the beach, though, it's all sunscreen all the time.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
I chose the second option because I wear some but not as much as for everyday use, although those aren't my go-to products...I might put a bit of concealer on, bronzer on my cheeks, eyeliner, maybe a nude eyeshadow and mascara. Always mascara. And then a lip balm with SPF. That said, it wouldn't look like I was wearing anything, except maybe the eyeliner.
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