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Weekly Roundup of Our Favorite Bella Comments

Aging Botox Treatments, Pretty Expensive Makeup, and More: What Had You Talking

Every week we love reading your funny, inspiring, and informative commentary. There were many things to chat about this week, but the downsides of Botox, limited-edition makeup, and natural beauty were at the top of the topics:

Some of you felt that Botox can actually be quite aging:

  • "I have a friend who is beautiful but decided to get Botox injections in/around her eyes. Unfortunately, when your eyes look like you're 18 again and the rest of your face looks like you're 30 — well, all the 30's bits start to look more noticeable." — sweetvanity
  • "I associate the plastic Botox look with older women. So when I see younger women, like Kim Kardashian, with the same look, they appear older." — Faylinn
  • "Scary! My mom is being pushed toward Botox as a potential fix for her chronic migraines, but this is just one more reason for her to resist." — Morokea

To find out what else had you talking this week, keep reading.

You couldn't imagine emptying your bank account to buy Dior's new makeup set:

  • "This reminds me of something my grandmother would wear. It seems a little out of touch." — LouieB
  • "This is an example of something that's meant to look pretty to get you to buy it, but if you actually use it, the colors/shapes smudge together." — deanna024
  • "Hmmm, I don't buy things like this because the pattern almost always is just a surface design and doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the pan. Plus, you end up not wanting to use it due to the price and design. Limited collections are a pain in the ass." — retrodoll

Lots to say regarding the no-bathing trend:

  • "I tried it once after I did a paper in a biology class on how many resources individuals use on a daily basis. My hair was so much thicker/softer, and my skin was clearer. For some people there is a little bit of a transitional period, so I would suggest trying it during a weekend or when you don't have any important meetings or presentations coming up." — arc9940
  • "I'll be sticking to my cleanliness, thank you very much. This saving the planet stuff is over the top. Does any person with a brain really want to trash the environment?! I mean really." — AmberHoney
  • "I'm gonna out myself and say that I already do this. I don't work, only go to school twice a week, and I shower about once a week, and only ever wash my hair as often. My hair is thick full, shiny, and doesn't get oily or greasy fast. I don't smell, and I'll take a shower the minute I do . . . I waste less water; I use less product . . . I actually really enjoy it. I feel clean and healthy." — flickster
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