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Weekly Roundup of Our Favorite Bella Comments 2010-10-24 06:00:24

Unfabulous Wig Names, Blake's Brows and More: What Had You Talking

From bad product names to Blake Lively's red carpet look and spirited support, you all had lots of great things to say this week. So take a look below to see what your fellow Bella readers opined on in the comments:

There was nothing “fab” about the name of this Halloween wig:

  • “Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife– Kohl's is offending everyone 'round here! All jokes aside, this is unacceptable. Why not just call it a ‘curly wig'?” – dageneralpatton
  • “I am confused as to why this style of wig is referred to as "ghetto" first of all? Also very offended by the title – I question any stores that are carrying this wig. Kohl’s and other stores who once had respect from me get none now.” – talldiva45
  • “Who thought that one up? They could have even just left it nameless – anything that is a natural look of hair should not be pinned to a socioeconomic stereotype. I’m pretty sure no one could be that clueless – must be racist.” – snowysakurasky

For the rest of the best, just keep reading.

Blake Lively's eyebrows caught your attention:

  • ”I love the makeup, but her eyebrows look odd. Kind of a light gray – if it was intentional, I don't think it goes with the warm colors on the rest of her face. But, overall, I think it is a very pretty look that really makes her eyes pop. Great for blue-eyed girls.” crystalbtrfly07
  • “I don't like it with the severe hairstyle. It seems more down and wavy to me.” – carri
  • “Yeah, she makes it work. She looks her age and youthful. But she's so pretty, she makes anything work. Except those eyebrows.” – pinky pink

You really got into the spirit on Spirit Day:

  • "Thanks for this post! I was totally bummed that I wasn't wearing purple today when I got to work, but luckily I never leave home without my lime crime in airborne unicorn and sugar plum lip treatment! I wouldn't have even thought of that if not for this post!" – raychill
  • "I wore purple today without knowing about Spirit Day. Go me." – rosay77
  • "Thanks for writing about this! I hope this helps get the message out. I'm wearing purple." – popculture whore
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mscc mscc 6 years
LOL! I'm still laughing because of dageneralpatton's "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife" reference!
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