Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman has worked with stars such as Camilla Belle, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emily Blunt, and Selena Gomez, and now he's here to share his best beauty advice with us. So get ready for some insider tips, makeup how-tos, and Brett's infectious personality. We're thrilled to present to you his introductory post! Take it away, Brett.

How fun it will be to write for BellaSugar for the next eight weeks! To ensure you're just as excited as I am, I'm going to give you a rundown on who I am and what I'm about. I'm a LA-based makeup artist, creator of Vanitymark Cosmetics (a boutiquey line of brow products), and all-around awesome guy — at least that's what my assistant says. And if you like my tips and product suggestions, maybe you'll think so, too. Learn more about the man behind the makeup when you read more.

I started doing makeup the day my sister got the Barbie Beauty Center for her birthday. I was completely mesmerized by it and gazed for hours at the pictures on the box of all the different looks you could create. The fact I wasn't allowed near anything that belonged to my sister didn't help my obsession. It was literally painful to watch her play with it. God gave the tomboy genes to her, not me; I got the eye-for-color genes. My family would watch TV together and there would be Dee, putting Barbie's lipstick on way too dark, and her fake eyelash-applying technique could be compared to a pin the tail on the donkey game. Excruciating.


At one point, my frustration boiled over and I yelled out, "Dee, you can't part her hair on the side. She has a heart-shaped face!" Yes, I was born to be a makeup artist. I'm still playing with Barbies, only they are life-size now. Makeup has been great to me. I've traveled the world and worked with some of the most famous and beautiful women alive. I've learned a lot about working with different skin tones, types, and ages. I've gotten some great insights from women that have seen their faces made up a zillion different ways.

Keep an eye out for my blog entries, and let's play some pretty!

Stay tuned for Brett's first official post tomorrow, where he discusses his top five beauty don'ts, along with his tips for fixing these no-nos in a flash.

Photo courtesy of Vanitymark Cosmetics