We are so excited to welcome the latest member of our Sugar family, lilsugar!

Delivering everything from pregnancy and parenting tips to celebrity baby news and product reviews, lil offers a virtual playground full of information and grown up fun. Check out the latest toy, clothes and book trends, revel in mama drama and share stories with future and present parents.

Our baby bag is loaded with features like:

  • Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me: Lil will share the kind of secrets and tips you can only get from your best girlfriends about pregnancy and parenting.
  • Pimp Your Crib: From posh furniture to plush toys, we'll keep you up to date with the must-haves in pint-sized decor.
  • Sugarbabies: You can share pictures and stories about your lil ones and we'll spotlight them on the site! You can also add your kid to your TeamSugar profile!
  • Bedtime Story: We'll share zany and sweet stories about our munchkins that will leave you laughing out loud. And, we'll ask you to do the same.

We want to be there to celebrate your pregnancy, take you through infant training, and watch you as you toddle through the wonders of kiddie wonderland.

Check out lilsugar — we're mommy's lil helper.