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WentzPentz: Pete Wentz's eyeliner collection

Beauty Byte: Pete Wentz to Launch Makeup Line

Who would have thought that emo heartthrob Pete Wentz would become such a beauty-industry mogul? He's already announced his plan to open a salon in Chicago, and now the king of guyliner is branching out into cosmetics. He's about to launch a collection of five vegan, punk-themed pencil eyeliners called WentzPentz. Pete said:

"Fall Out Boy has always been known for its pop hooks and good looks, and like David Bowie before me, I am known for my displays of cosmetic derring-do. For too long, I've been keeping my eyeliner know-how to myself. Now, with the debut of WentzPentz, guys — and girls — everywhere will be able to have a piece of the Fall Out Boy lifestyle."

Sold individually, WentzPentz eyeliners will retail for $3.99 each at Hot Topic. They'll be available in five shades, each inspired by Pete's childhood in the Chicago area:

  • Green-Eyed Sidekick
  • Fireside Bowl
  • By the Power of Grayskull
  • Let's Take the Brown Line to Wellington
  • Blue Line, Next Stop: Damen

In addition, Pete plans to partner with Ken Paves to design his own line of clip-on hair extensions for men. "Jess [Simpson] has had great success with hers," he said. "I hope to get Hair Dude up and running by late 2008."

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Melissa-Devine Melissa-Devine 9 years
i love da idea of eyeliner not so sure on extensions though....
fortheloveofrock fortheloveofrock 9 years
Terryt18, I'm not using the term GAY pejoratively. I have male friends who happen to be gay that wear lots of eyeliner. Thus, I find it to be a very gay thing for him to do. I don't find it insulting. Sorry if you do. =/
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
It is.
md12398 md12398 9 years
i was really hoping this was an april fools' joke. alas...
lightheaded lightheaded 9 years
Haha... too funny
bisou002 bisou002 9 years
ok, i'm a day late, but i was COMPLETELY expecting this to be an april fool's post from yesterday. you have GOT to be kidding me. how TACKY!!
Pepper Pepper 9 years
Is this a joke?
shernic82 shernic82 9 years
Some guys look amazing with long hair (like my bestie, he's adorable!), but extensions? seriously? i wish the whole "emo" craze would just die. enough already!
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
Why do you use "gay" pejoratively, fortheloveofrock?
AKirstin AKirstin 9 years
I cannot believe he just oh-so-casually compared himself to Bowie. Keep dreaming, loser.
fortheloveofrock fortheloveofrock 9 years
mlen mlen 9 years
oy vey
meenalaregina meenalaregina 9 years
The Romans said it best, "De gustibus non est disputandem."
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I totally thought that this was an April Fool's thing.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Liltandweave has a good suggestion. ;)
calliope calliope 9 years
Oh, I can't stand Pete Wentz, his leaked penis pictures, or Fall Out Boy. Go away and take your girlfriend with you!
bananana bananana 9 years
*If* this isn't an April Fools Day joke, Those eyeliners look so incredibly dumb I can't even describe it. Not to mention that WentzPentz and Hair Dude are EVEN MORE INCREDIBLY DUMB names.
0037sammie 0037sammie 9 years
No, No, No.
redrover189 redrover189 9 years
No, Kayleigh, any minute Bella will tell us it's all a joke...I hope...seriously...April Fools? Hair extensions?!
kayleigh83 kayleigh83 9 years
what the... for serious? am i the only one still waiting for an "april fools!" or what?
Brooklynbee Brooklynbee 9 years
You have got to be April Fooling us!!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
k_izzle k_izzle 9 years
Hair extensions for men?
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
lmao @ em1282, just the "el" rider in you.
liltandweave liltandweave 9 years
Guys, click on the links in the story.
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