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We're Silly Over Sally Hershberger

We're Silly Over Sally Hershberger

Sally Hershberger charges hundreds of dollars for a haircut, but even if I won the MegaMillions jackpot, I'd be too dorky to have her snip. She's just so slinkster cool that I'd wind up babbling incoherently. Her new hair care line, though, is much less intimidating — and much more affordable, too.

I recently tried Supreme Head Style Primer ($12.49), a light pre-blowdry mousse that promises to boost the performance of other styling products. Unfortunately, because of my girl crush on Sally, I excitedly used enough of it to style the hair of a small country. Buildup ensued. Knowing that I could not be trusted with the stuff, I passed it along to geeksugar, who managed to use it properly. To find out why she loved it,


After you read geeksugar's thoughts, I think you'll understand why we are both so excited:

I'm used to using hair product when my hair's wet, just so my hair's not squeaky clean when I blow dry and style it. But I am not used to one that actually performs, like the Sally Hershberger stuff. I used a couple pumps on my wet hair, and I wasn't impressed with the initial texture (the mousse-form seemed thin and almost sticky), but when I started blow-drying with a round brush, it was like magic: I'd round-brush here and there, and it would dry and hold the way I wanted it to; I barely had to go back over the same section.

When I was done (in way less time than I normally take for a blow-out), it defined my layers and my cut and gave me this slightly piecey (and Hershberger-esque, I guess) texture. It looks like the cut the stylist intended! I didn't need hairspray or any shine product when I was done, either. I can't emphasize how impressed I am, especially for a drugstore product. I would pay way more than the $12 for a product like this.

So now there are two Sugar girl crushes on Sally Hershberger. One final note: Style Primer is meant for fine hair like mine, but geeksugar's is a little thicker, and it clearly didn't create any problems.

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