My mom is one of those ladies that everyone loves. She has a knack for letting things roll off her shoulders, and she never seems to have a bad day. Plus, when I was growing up she used to let me eat Cookie Crisp for breakfast. How cool is that?

But, beneath the sunshiny interior and weakness for a kid that just wanted her sugar fix, there's a wildly hilarious woman with a quick, sly wit. In honor of Mother's Day, I asked my mom to share with me her beauty advice. Tell me what advice your mom gave you, and find out what my bella mama had to say when you


  • Moisturize: While my mom does it up old-school with a nightly application of Vaseline to remove makeup around her eyes and soften fine lines, I love her reasoning behind why she puts it on her lips, too. "It makes my lips kissable," she quipped. TMI on the love life, ma.
  • Treat yourself: "I'm all about big shiny hair. Instead of doing my color at home myself (it was always way too brassy), now I splurge and get it done at the salon," she said.
  • Drink your water: Mom knows best.
  • Smile: "Maybe the best beauty tip is to smile. It seems to draw people to me, and they smile back."