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What's the Best Summer Nail Polish Color?

The Great Weekend Debate: What's the Best Nail Polish Shade For Summer?

Some people swear by creamsicle, others are obsessed with fuchsia, and a few even count aquamarine or puce among their favorites. There are even those who have regimented toe and nail color coordinates for sandal season. When it comes to warm-weather nail polish shades, everybody has an opinion.

And why shouldn't they? We all have different undertones and preferences, and there's so much nail polish in the world that even the most dedicated nailphile can't have tried even a fraction of the shades out there.

So here's the question: what's your all-time favorite Summer polish shade or shades? Answer in the comments, say why it's so great, and we'll try and come to a consensus (or at least get some really awesome nail polish recommendations).

Source: Flickr User Pink Sherbet Photography

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braziliant braziliant 6 years
Essie has the best colors for summer! My favorites from their newest collection are braziliant (a deep and creamy orange) and smooth sailing (a shimmery periwinkle). Right now I have turquoise & caicos on my fingers and tea & crumpets on my toes (both by Essie).
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
Pinks, corals, neons, or plain bright colors are aces in my book for the summer.
junebrug junebrug 6 years
I like blue on toes. No matter what a person's age, it says "I have fun and don't take myself too seriously."
pss pss 6 years
Lilac, I am addicted to this color this summer. Also turquoise and aquamarine are very summery and happy colours. I love hot pinks and corals, but I wore them all this year so I am kind of boring.
Marian55 Marian55 6 years
Coral and hot pink. OPI Strawberry Marguerita is always good!
smart-blonde smart-blonde 6 years
I'm always a fan of hot pink for summer. It just cheers me up. I like OPI La Paz-itively Hot or Zoya Layla. I'm also a little obsessed with those edgy neutral colors, and I just bought Essie Master Plan, which I love. It's a really pale gray.
chiquita29 chiquita29 6 years
Coral's been my go to summer choice for years, however right now i'm loving teal on my toes. I'm currently using Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure Polish in Fairy Teal.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
Corals and bright pinks!!
janetmouse janetmouse 6 years
Bright hot pink always reminds me of summer!!
LoMo1 LoMo1 6 years
My favorite summer shade by far is Tourquoise & Caicos by Essie. I ALWAYS get compliments on it!
RyeSwmmr RyeSwmmr 6 years
Traditional summer choice, coral of some kind, currently into Butter London Macbeth or hot pink, Butter London Snog. Non-traditional, turquoise like Chanel Nouvelle Vague which was seasonal shade last year or green, Butter London British Racing Green but only on toes. If I go with it I usually pair it with a pearly white on hands, Butter London Pearly Queen.
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