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What It Costs to Look Like Debbie Harry: 1979 vs. Today

Today Debbie Harry turns 65, and perhaps what's most surprising is just how well her late '70s/early '80s beauty looks hold up in the present. In 1979, for instance, Debbie wore this shimmery, smoky green eye makeup palette with coral lip gloss and perfectly flushed cheeks. It's a little punky, but it still looks fresh today. But just how much would Debbie's edgy look cost then in comparison to now?

With the reference of a late-1970s Avon catalog and Avon's current website as pricing guides, see just how much more you'd shell out now to get a vintage Debbie Harry-style makeup look when you keep reading.

Dewy foundation $2.25 $11
Cream blush $3 $8
Loose powder $4 $9
Lip gloss $2.50 $9
Eyeliner $4 $6
Cream eye shadow $7 (for two) $14 (for two)
Mascara $2.75 $9
Grand total $22.50 $66

Whoa, it's a whopping three times more. Of course, that's just using Avon as an example, but the good news is it's just a little below inflation. Crunching a few numbers on the US inflation calculator website reveals that $22.50 back in 1979 translates to about $70 now: a 211 percent increase. Are you surprised by the results? And most of all, will you be rocking this makeup look any time soon?

Image Source: WireImage
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 6 years
Good point, glitternails! I also just have to ask, based on my research, it seems eyeliner is one of the most inflation-proof items out there. Does that surprise anyone?
glitternails glitternails 6 years
I think it's misleading to not include the price adjusted for inflation in your table. No offense, I can just imaging people not reading the rest of the article, or taking a screenshot of the table and giving Avon a bad name. Just a thought from someone who works in data visualization. :) Otherwise, I think that it's a compelling story that Avon's costs have remained fairly the same, matching inflation.
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