Back around the fifth or sixth grade, I distinctively remember our teacher declaring, "We all need to have a talk." It wasn't the standard chat about monthly cycles or why boys sometimes don't want to leave their desks to go write at the chalkboard. It was a nun's version of personal hygiene. In her speech, we heard all about how often we should be bathing, washing our uniforms, and not offending others with our stanky pits.

Deodorant is not just a 20th-century convenience. In fact, various cultures have been using some form of odor-blocking for centuries. In modern times, it's estimated that upward of 95 percent of Americans wear deodorant. So, whether you choose antiperspirant over deodorant or you prefer a more natural approach for your underarms, see what you know about this odor-reducing product now.

Source: Flickr User lolaleeloo

What Do You Know About Deodorant?

What was so bad about the first modern brand of antiperspirant, EverDry?