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Leave it to grandma to be the booster of my confidence. Whenever I see the little lady, she will — without fail — compliment my smile. I, on the other hand, am quick to see fault with it, thanks to a discolored incisor that my dentist still can't quite figure out. But when it comes down to it, grandma is right. Slightly off-kilter tooth and all, my smile is genuinely warm and my chompers aren't so bad after all. What do you like most about your happy grin?

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ren_kr ren_kr 7 years
eh, I love my teeth only because once I experienced braces for 3 years, I have to love not getting canker sores induced by the rubbing of the metal brackets anymore. I wish i could have naturally white teeth and i LOVE pple who have naturally white teeth!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I have naturally really white teeth, good natural lip color and dimples. I get lots of compliments on my smile - usually one of the first things people notice about me.
mek123 mek123 7 years
I like that mine are straight thanks to years of orthodontia and now a nice white thanks to bleaching. I now like to smile and show my teeth. :-)
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
after all the money my parents spent on straightening the little buggers i have to love them! which isn't hard, cuz my teeth are awesome if i can say so myself. i also have one dimple that i love!
BATFgirl BATFgirl 7 years
I have a love/hate relationship with my smile...but I feel like smiles are what i notice first when I meet someone.
Rei-Really Rei-Really 7 years
i love the shape of my teeth. You can't see my gums when i smile and my K9's are just slightly longer than the rest of my teeth in a very appealing way. I got very lucky in my gene pool in teeth on account both my mother and my sister needed braces.
nashia nashia 7 years
I love my smile. I have the lines to prove it! I love smiling at anything. Might be because my mouth in its natural state is a frown. Seriously, its a family thing. I smile so people don't get the wrong impression. You do not want people constantly asking are you okay.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 7 years
I work @ a bar and people ALWAYS compliment my smile. They say I have gorgeous teeth and lips and that my smile makes me lol. Its kinda creepy but feels good!
tellmemorex2 tellmemorex2 7 years
I like that mine are straight, thanks to three years of orthodontia.
Frenched Frenched 7 years
I suppose I like the fact that my teeth are very straight and well, clean. Except for a little chip on my one of front teeth, they're pretty much really presentable!
juliarose23 juliarose23 7 years
my teeth are really really white... people always tell me that.
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
everyone tells me my smile is very genuine and bright. plus my eyes always smile too (Tyra would love it haha). the only thing I don't like is that my teeth are not white; one of these days I'm going to buy one of those kits...
BallonDoggy BallonDoggy 7 years
I like the shade of my teeth, white that doesn't look fake. They are also shaped nice, its just the placement that's the problem. As soon as I'm done saving up I'll be a 25 yr old brace face:)
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Same heree everyone loves my smile. My teeth could be whiter though.. But I do love that I have two dimples. :) eee I suddenly feel great.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I think my smile is one of my best accessories. :)
soapbox soapbox 7 years
I like my teeth. They are naturally really white and people always ask if I get them whitened.
carmv carmv 7 years
i like that my eyes smile naturally
janetmouse janetmouse 7 years
Everyone looks better with a smile!!! :-D
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